HaddenHailers was originally started with a lathe, a dream, and a few pieces of wood. Over the course of 8 years there were many late nights, new creations, new acquaintances became close family friends, and many dreams became reality. With the help of our customers, friends and family we’ve been able to build our business into one that spans multiple continents.

On September 17, 2017 our company became HaddenHailers Custom Calls LLC. You might wonder why that exact date. We chose that date because one of our biggest supporters was Amy’s Grandma Freda. Freda always wanted to see anything and everything that Andrew made. She talked about his calls to anyone who would listen even though she never blew one herself she spoke highly of the business we were working so hard to build. After her passing the previous February it seemed like the right time to take our business to the next level. The perfect way to begin our journey as an LLC as well as the best way to honor Freda’s memory and birthday.